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    FAQ for grant and local authority funded adaptations

    Q Will you carry out all the work?

    A Grant or local authority (LA) funded adaptations are provided from government funds. The criteria for adaptations are very clear as to what is and what isn’t funded when it comes to the work. We are only allowed to tile the immediate area to the shower. Any further tiling is viewed as cosmetic as it is not strictly required to enable the safe operation of the shower.

    Q Do I have a choice of colours for the tiles and floor covering?

    A Yes and no! Usually we are ordered to fit white bumpy tiles only but we will try and match up with your existing tiles if we can purchase them and they are available. With flooring we will offer you a choice of colours, use this link to see a sample of Altro safety flooring colours http://www.altro.co.uk/Altro-Aquarius#colours

    Q I don’t want grab rails on the wall of my new shower, can I refuse them?

    A You do not have to have grabrails if you really don’t want them. Your Occupational Therapist has recommended them as a safety aid for bathing access so please think very carefully before refusing them. If you do not like the design of the specified rails we may be able to provide alternative styles.

    Q What happens if my shower stops working?

    A We guarantee labour and materials for one year. After one year it is your responsibility to arrange repairs. Some of the items we fit will have an extended guarantee supplied by the manufacturer; you should contact the manufacturer directly to arrange an engineer. However even after one year we will continue to provide assistance where we can. This assistance is discretionary; please call us for more information.

    Q Will my shower need servicing after the first year?

    A Yes, if the instructions say you need to and especially if you have taken out an extended guarantee. Contact us or the manufacturer and we will provide you with the information you require.

    Q The waste water from my shower is not running away fast enough?

    A Every shower tray has a gulley that the waste water flows into before it enters the waste pipe. The gulley will trap hair and soap and may get blocked. Follow the instruction book and you should be able to remove the cover and remove any blockage. If you require assistance please call us but note; advice is free but a site visit may incur costs if we are not at fault.

    Q I would like my shower curtains removed and shower doors fitted instead?

    A The works in your home were grant or LA funded and specified by an Occupational Therapist on behalf of the funding provider. You should contact the funding provider in the first instance and explain the change in your circumstances. They will advise you of the next steps they may take.

    Q I need to use near the toilet frequently, how will I manage if you disconnect the plumbing?

    A We plan our work to minimise the amount of time your wc facilities are unavailable. Usually we can make our alterations and fit new items in just half a day. If the works are likely to last longer or you have frequent requirements we can provide a portable chemical WC for your convenience. We will service the WC until your permanent facility is functional. Where bathing and toileting is a constant requirement your OT may well recommend that you move out for a few days with a family member or to respite, please ask for further advice.


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