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    FAQ Privately Funded Adaptations

    Q Will you carry out all the work yourselves or will there be lots of sub-contractors?

    A One team will carry out all of the work in your home. The only other trade that may visit is an electrician. The team leader will be your constant point of contact and assist and organise the work and be on site every day.

    Q Do I have a good choice of colours for the tiles and floor covering?

    A We will provide brochures and samples for you to choose from. Local suppliers will be suggested but you are welcome to use any supplier you wish. We will provide room measurements so you know the cost before deciding. We will advise you on sizes, patterns and borders. If you decide you want a tiled floor we will advise you if your floor needs strengthening. If you prefer vinyl flooring we have samples and brochures available for non-slip ranges from manufacturers such as Altro and Polyfloor. Use this link to see Altro safety flooring colours http://www.altro.co.uk/Altro-Aquarius#colours for Polyfloor use this link https://www.polyflor.com/jh/products.nsf/products!open&family=saf&prodcode=fxsc151

    Q What size shower tray should I have?

    A Now is the time to look forward and consider your future requirements. That may mean considering a larger than tray when compared to the standard offerings from DIY stores for example. A 1300mm x 820mm tray is the most frequent size that our customers choose. This size provides plenty of showering space and can usually fit where your bath is if you have decided that you don’t want to bath anymore. We will be pleased to advise you.

    Q What happens if my shower stops working?

    A Your installation should provide many years of trouble free use, for the first year we guarantee labour and the equipment we have fitted. If something goes faulty after the first year we will be at hand to assist during year two and beyond. Some of the items we fit will have an extended warranty supplied by the manufacturer or you may wish to extend your warranty. Please call us for more information.

    Q Will my shower need servicing after the first year?

    Usually dependent on the equipment manufacturers recommendations and especially if you have taken out an extended guarantee. Contact us or the manufacturer and we will provide you with the information you require.

    Q The waste water from my shower is not running away fast enough?

    A Every shower tray has a gulley that the waste water flows into before it enters the waste pipe. The gulley will trap hair and soap and may get blocked. Please read the instruction book section that relates to blocked waste pipes, you should be able to remove the cover and remove any blockage. If you require assistance please call us but note; advice is free but a site visit may incur costs.

    Q I would like some alterations carried out to the wet room you installed?

    A Please contact us at your convenience and we will arrange a survey to access your requirements. We can usually carry out the changes you require without too much disruption. Major alterations involving waste pipes and electricity can be costly; we will always provide advice and recommend the best options to keep costs down whilst still achieving the improvements you desire.

    Q During the installation, how will I manage if you disconnect the plumbing?

    A We plan our work to minimise the amount of time your bathroom is unavailable. Usually we can make specific alterations and fit new items in just half a day. If the works are likely to last longer or you have frequent requirements we can provide a temporary portable WC for your convenience. We will service the temporary facility until your permanent WC is functional. Where bathing and toileting is a constant requirement we may suggest we carry out the works while you are away from home.


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